Copper & Oak

What we’re having now


Spring Beauties

We selected these, they’re our babies, therefore we love them to death! Very different whiskeys here: Bernheim is a Kentucky Straight wheat whiskey, not a Bourbon. We chose it amongst a few barrels down there in the Heaven Hill rickhouse (Staff and patrons from both Copper & Oak and Brandy Library tasting at cask strength) for its unique flavor profile. Another trip to Bardstown got us to pick our second barrel of 1792, this one a very typical Bourbon but slightly distinct from the commercial version. Both are about 8 years of age. Bernheim is $7.50/ounce, and 1792 at $8/ounce.

Glorious American Brandy

American Brandy is becoming a Millennials’ favorite, and very few bottles can claim to be this good! There sure is a French influence in the elaboration of this spirit, but it truly is California-made: fermented, distilled, matured and carefully blended essentially from pinot noir and Colombard grapes by Brandy genius Dan Farber. Elegant, rich, deep and complex, this double-distilled brandy is drawn from the oldest stocks Osocalis nurtures. $14/ounce. Pure bliss.